SOLSTICE BODYLOVE - emergings & reflections on body, food, dance, hunger, shadow.

The softness of body is a slow animal that has to catch its breath to keep up with mind, city, life.

There are bodies in most places that we visit. Adult bodies are mostly doing the same thing: walking, standing, sitting. Sometimes, we see an adult body running, or doing yoga. Younger bodies might be climbing trees, or shaking not-yet-hips, or scrabbling over grass. For adult bodies, dancing appears to be reserved largely for those behind silver...

Body Dreaming


I am slumping heavy to the earth, the left hand side of my body full of weight. I begin tensing it, squeezing the muscles inside. Whatever is underneath me feels fluid and ancient, but if I stop too long to notice it is like all my energy is drawn away. I hurt, but I try not to see this, try...