"My body felt heard. Joyful, delicious, exciting, playful, profound" J

"The workshop and the time surrounding it really did mark the end of one thing and the beginning of another" J

"Thank you for holding a beautiful space and allowing me to surrender into the parts of me asking for presence. The way you guided my mind into my body supported a deep release of contraction, into nourishing spaciousness and trust" T

"There wasn't just experience, but also expression. There wasn't just expression, but a safe space to share. The writing and sharing was the point of connection to each other. Each part complimented the whole process. Thank you for allowing me the freedom to explore myself, the space to be seen and by facilitating in a way that is from your heart - giving us permission to really drop in and connect" S

"I really valued the space to connect with the nature within and the nature without in a truly embodied way. It was medicine for city living and the profundity of such experiences is not to be underestimated" N

"My body is thanking me for opening and releasing in a 1:1 Body Poetry session with Sophie. I've always had inhibitions with movement and expression, and she carefully held space and got my body to 'speak' and unblock so many areas of stagnation" M

"I've found to move the body with the same sense of freedom that we sometimes have with words is actually a very therapeutic experience" F

"I am more confident and grounded. The internal war that has been raging seems to have quietened" B