backwards wisdom 
a 4 week course/journey/lovership with the alive intelligence of Wrongness, Mess and Non-Linearity
BEGINNING JANUARY 2022 (date tbc)
live Zoom sessions Wednesdays 11AM-1PM UK time (recordings will be available)
(if you want to join but this price isn't accessible to you, please be in touch 
/ if you feel this work and want to support a subsidised space, please also be in touch)
During the course, we will experientially, with our bodies, be unravelling some of the ways in which our perceived ,Wrongnesses' can actually be fertile, lush spaces of creativity, love, aliveness, knowing and unknowing. 
We will explore how we are conditioned to block ourselves from our own wisdom and the delight of being however we are, by internalising a sense of Wrongness and making things Wrong about our direct experience and ourselves.  
As antidote to this, we will be offering our full-bodied presence to the richness of our Mess, a space that we can intimately touch and connect with via our felt sense, instead of rejecting, shaming, minimising, rationalising or shapeshifting around it. We will be welcoming the Real, in all its different shapes, flavours and expressions. Some of this will be individual practice, and some of this will involve practicing Being Seen In What Is (which we cannot get wrong!). 
This work will invite a reversal of our own tendencies of, and the cultural values around, operating in forward motion: pressuring ourselves to make sense in a linear way, rushing, having to Know what's next, having to "back up" our direct experience with logic, having to have it all together, reaching out into the world instead of resting back into ourselves. We will create space for more non-linear, jaggedy, messy ways of being - inside of own embodied experience, and also inside of our lives. We will be cultivating a listeningness for the Intelligence of Uncertainty & Mess.

We will also breathe into the relationship between Wrongness and Power. Dancing with the question, how do I relate to Getting It Wrong? Do I allow myself to make mistakes? Am I scared of being punished/judged by an outside (real or imaginary) authority or Power? Do I bend out of shape by shrinking or puffing up? What is it like to embody Power Over, what is it like to embody Power Under, and what is it like to embody the kind of wild power that is powerful in and of itself? 
I'll be offering some simple practices for connecting with, being and moving differently in our Bodies, harvesting circular wisdom, love-making with the Mess, playfully inhabiting all our different parts THROUGH and WITH our body, and making Wrongness our teacher. A key component of this course will also be the magic of coming together and sensing into what wants to unfold from the Unknown of our Shared Space. 
Some of the things that will support our time together include:
  • tools for listening and following our direct experience with our bodyheartmind
  • nervous system work - listening to our edges, gently encouraging experimentation with how much Real we can hold and be seen in 
  • sensual & creative embodiment practices to contact and unearth the Wisdom of Mess - solo and with others
  • embodied sharing & witnessing
  • intuitive movement 
You will also receive ,homework', including recorded content/practices/tasks to support you in Getting It Wrong, and access to an online community space for sharing, being received in, and receiving Other outside of class time. This will be an intimate journey with plenty of space for your unique personal experience to be brought forward and worked with inside of the group. 

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If you want to speak more about Backwards Wisdom, feel free to contact me at There is also a whole library of poetry, art and other content inspired from and for this course over on my Instagram. I'm so excited to share this work with you.


I'll leave you with a poem:

lately I have been praying to something I call backwards wisdom,
full to my belly with an outside world that says knowing is linear, makes sense, is communicated with words.
instead holding point for the
intelligence of feeling
reversing and inverting
all the wrongnesses I was taught
about myself.
loving them inside out,
(and by that I don't mean soothing myself)
but experiencing with my body a fresh magic,
w-holey, jagged, broken mysteries,
turned on their heads and speaking
or not speaking deep rushes of WISE.
the depth of uncertainty
that holds me from behind
my spine
tingling and alive
with jewels and mud.
it's time to mess it all up
and begin speaking backwards
writing backwards dancing backwards
so that I can begin to understand myself again.
lyrical re-wriring of the heart brain.
waiting, backwards.
the wisdom that speaks
from the earth up,
through my feet.
touching life
and celebrating wrongnesses,
being held close and dear
and danced by them,
until I fall in on